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Tealive Rewards is a special loyalty program made for Tealive customers to earn exclusive benefits and rewards at Tealive. When you download & register the Tealive App, you will automatically become a member. As a member, you will get exclusive perks and treats available only to the club members.

From 14 August 2023 onwards, new user can enjoy first 5 drinks at RM5 only (limited to drinks below RM7.70 only). This welcome voucher will be auto push to your account and each transaction user is allowed to apply One (1) voucher only, and total 5 vouchers will be push to your account. Loob Holding Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to change or update the Terms and conditions of this voucher at any time. 
You can view your Welcome Offer in the “My Vouchers” page under "Rewards" tab in the app.
What is the validity of the Welcome Offer?
Welcome offer voucher is valid for 3 months from your registration date.
Why didn’t I receive the welcome offer?
Please contact Tealive customer service team for assistance. 
You get Tpoint for every RM1 spent through Tealive App or in-store purchases. Please flash your membership barcode to earn Tpoint for in-store purchase.
Starting from 9th October 2023, Tealive members will get either 2, 3, or 4 Tpoints for every RM1 spent, depending on their membership level.
TierPoints Earned for every RM1 Spent (Starting from 9 October 2023)
Bronze2 TPoints
3 TPoints
Gold4 TPoints
Where can I check my current Tpoints status & Tpoints validity?

Tpoints status can be viewed on 🍰𝄹the homepage “Member summary section” or you can also view it in the “Reward” page. Top portion of Reward page will show your current Tpoints together with the validity. 

W🍷hen will my Tpoints r𓃲eflected after each purchase?

Tpoints will be reflected within 30 minutes after each purc𒊎hase. 

Wh💎y m🍷y Tpoints didn’t appear in my account after purchase?

If your Tpoints doe⛦s not reflect after 30mins from your purchase, please contact our customer service team ♉for assistance.

How do I track my Tpoints progress to next Tier?

You can track your current Tpoints & Status from Tealive app, under Homepage & Reward page. From there you will be able to see what’s the Tpoints required to advance to next tier. 

Will my Tpoints expire?

Yes, Tpoints will expire 12 months from the earౠned date. Scenario example:

CustomerDate Tpoint Earned
Points Expiry Date
Spent RM10 & Earns 20 Tpoints.
1st Jan 2023
20 Tpoints expire on 1st Jan 2024
Spent RM20 & Earns 40 Tpoints.
14th Aug 2023
40 Tpoints expire on 14th Aug 2024
Spent RM8 & earn 16 Tpoints
1st Dec 2023
16 Tpoints will expire on 1st Dec 2024
Member tier is a level that determines the benefits you enjoy as a member. The higher your tier, the greater the benefits. Tealive member tiers consist of 3 tiering which are Bronze, Silver & Gold.
You will need to earn enough Tpoints as required within three months from your last transaction date. 
TierTpoints required to maintain your current tier
Silver300 pts
Gold700 pts
Earn the required amount of accumulated Tpoints (refer table below) to upgrade your member tier. 
Tier Tpoints required to upgrade
Bronze -
Silver 301pts - 1000pts
Gold 1001 pts and above

Yes. If you don't earn enough Tpoints in 3 months, your tier will go down by one level. 
For example; you're in the Silver tier, and you don't earn at least 300 Tpoints in three months; then, you'll move down to the Bronze tier. Gold members, on the other hand, will drop to the Silver tier if they don’t earn a minimum of 700 Tpoints within three months from their last transaction date. 
Scenario for Silver Members

Customer last transact with Tealive in Dec 2022:

Scenario A
If customer successfully collect minimum of 300 Tpoints by 31 Mar 2023, tiering will maintain at Silver in April 2023.

Scenario B
If the Tpoints earned i🐻s under 300 by 31 Mar 2023, membership tiering will downgrade to Bronze in April 2023.

Scenario for Gold Members
Customer last transact with Tealive in Dec 2022:

Scenario A

If customer successfully collect minimum of 700 Tpoints by 31 Mar 2023; tiering will maintain at Gold in April 2023.

Scenario B

If the Tpoints earned is under 700 by 31 Mar 2023; membership tiering will downgrade to Silver in April 2023.

Scenario C
If the Tpoints earned is under 300 by 30 Jun 2023; membership tiering will downgrade to Silver in July 2023.

I am qualified to move to next tier, but the tier hasn’t changed?

Your new member tier will reflect within 24 hours if you are qualified to next tiering. If your member tiering does not reflect after 1hour from your purchase, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

For instance: Customer A today is Bronze customer with points 270, and if customer spent RM20 on the same day, he/ she will earn 40 points (270points + 40 points = 310 points), his/ her tie༺r will be u♑pgraded into Silver within the next 24 hours.
You can reload Tealive credits via the Tealive App.
Tealive credits is valid for in-app purchase and valid to be used at all Tealive outlets except for Tealive in AEON Delica, Max Valu, and Cold Storage, KLCC.
Starting from October 1st 2023 onwards, there is no expiry for Tealive credit. 

For those users who topped up their credit and have a leftover balance from before October 1st 2023, unfortunately, the credit will expire within 2 years from the top-up date.
Yes, you are able to collect Tpoints when you pay using Tealive Credits.
For Tealive credit reload, minimum amount will be RM1, and maximum value that you can reload each time will be RM500. 

What is the maximum credit that can be stored in my Tealive W𝐆allet?🌳You can store maximum RM2,000 in your Tealive Wallet. 🥃 

Will I be able to collect Tpointsꦿ when I reload my Tealive Credits?

No, reload is not entitled for Tpoints.

I have reload m✤y Tealive credit but why is it not reflecting in my wallet?

Please contact customer service team for assistance.

How do I redeem my Tpoints?   

You can redeem vouchers using your Tpoints. At the Rewards page of the app, tap on “Redeem Tpoints” section & proceed to browse vouchers that you can redeem. Upon redemption, your Tpoints will be deducted. 
You can also use your Tpoints to pay for your order at the counter. Each point is worth RM0.01. For instance, if you have 100 Tpoints on the app, you can take off RM1.00 from the total amount you need to pay.
You may browse and redeem vouchers in the “Redeem Tpoints” section under Rewards page of the Tealive app.
You can look for your vouchers in “My Voucher” section of the Rewards page. Then you may choose to redeem it via app or in-store.
• Redeem via app: Choose any menu you want to purchase and apply the respective voucher during checkout. 
• Redeem in-store: Select the voucher that you want to use & show the barcode to Tearista upon ordering at any Tealive outlet. Tearista will then scan it to complete the redemption. 
Yes. Please refer to the detailed Terms & Conditions for each of the voucher.
We are sorry that, the e-Stamp program ended on 8th October 2023.
For members who already collected 10 stamps before 8th October 2023, you are still entitled for the free drink voucher. The voucher will be valid for 3 months.
You can typically choose between two methods of purchase.
- Delivery: Your order will be delivered to your specified address by a rider.

- Pickup: You can pick up your order from a designated store or location.

If the app cannot find a rider to deliver your order, you can try the following steps:
- Check your internet connection to ensure its stable.

- Refresh the app to see if it resolves the issue.

- Wait for a few minutes, as it might take some time for a nearby rider to become available.

- Contact customer service team for assistance.
All Tealive food and beverage orders placed on the Platform (“Drinks Order”) are treated as confirmed. You shall not be entitled to cancel a Drink Order after it is confirmed. If you cancel a Drinks Order after it has been confirmed, you remain liable to pay the applicable fees for the Drinks Order in full regardless of whether it has been prepared by the Tealive. For the avoidance of doubt, where you have opted to self pick up a Drinks Order, you will be deemed to have cancelled the Drinks Order by not collecting it within the time period specified in the Platform or otherwise communicated by Tealive. Tealive shall not be responsible to retain the Drinks Order for your collection after the said period has lapsed.
There could be several reasons why your drinks are not ready:
• The preparation might take some time due to high demand or a busy store.
• There could be an unexpected delay in the preparation process.
• Technical issues might be causing a delay in updating the app's status.
• It's best to check with the staff at the pickup location or contact customer service team for more information.
The delivery coverage is within 5km from customer's pinpoint.
If you receive the wrong order or product, follow these steps:
• Check your order receipt or details in the app to confirm the discrepancy.
• Contact Tealive customer service team immediately to report the issue. They will guide you on the next steps, which may include a refund, replacement, or other appropriate actions to resolve the problem.
Refund process can vary depending on the payment method and the company's policies. Typically, refunds will take approximately 14 days to 30 days to appear in your account. If you haven't received your refund within a reasonable time frame, it's best to contact the customer service team for further assistance.

Users will receive birthday voucher in the app on the 1st day of your birthday month.
Where can I get my Birthday Surprise voucher?
Your birthday surprise voucher will be auto push to your “My Vouchers” page under "Rewards" tab in your Tealive app.

Why didn’t I receive the birthday voucher?

If you did not receive your birthday voucher on the 1st day of your birthday month, please contact Tealive customer service team for assistance.
The Referral Reward is a special benefit for Tealive app members. If you are a member, you can share your referral code with friends to get a Mystery Reward. Your friend will also receive a Mystery Reward when they use your code.
You will just need to log into your account, go to the Account page & tap on “Refer a Friend” to retrieve your referral code. 
The referral rewards remain valid for 30 days starting from the date they are credited to your account.
Please contact Tealive customer service team for assistance if you did not receive the referral rewards. 
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